Celebrating the Psychosocial Genomic Evolution of Psychotherapy

A Group Editorial for Our Inaugural Issue
Mauro Cozzolino, Ernest Rossi, Giovanna Celia & Kathryn Rossi

At the recent 2013 Evolution of Psychotherapy Congress that took place in California, USA The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics, Consciousness & Health Research was introduced to more than 8,000 professionals in counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, meditation, mental health, genomics, rehabilitation and translational medicine by our Founding Editors, Mauro Cozzolino pictured on the left with Ernest Rossi, Giovanna Celia, & Kathryn Rossi.

Who Are We?

These four contributors to the 2013 Evolution of Psychotherapy Congress described the scientific and social mission of the new International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics, Consciousness & Health Research with the following illustrations of the cultural and healing transformations of human consciousness over the past 200 and 100 years. Taken together these two illustrations of the deep philosophical and psychobiological transformations of consciousness tell a fascinating story that highlights our motivation for creating International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics, Consciousness & Health Research at this seminal moment in world awareness of a newly emerging Psychosocial Genomic & Consciousness Research vision for the integrating of the Arts, Culture, Consciousness, Health and Science. These two transformational graphs of cultural and scientific consciousness illustrate a new discipline of the digital humanities – the use of computer algorithms to search for meaning in large databases of text and media. We used this new digital discipline to explore of 200 years of the cultural history of the transformations of consciousness in over five million digitized books from more than 40 university libraries around the world. We graphically compared the frequencies of English words like ‘religion, spirit, faith and hope,’ which apparently have been gradually losing their digital linguistic frequency over the past 200 years while words like ‘science, teaching, sex, brain and consciousness’ have been gaining.

What can this mean?

Our impression is that current consciousness on the lower right hand side is an emerging integration of traditional spiritual values with modern education and science. This “free-forall quest” for the meaning and understanding of life on all evels from mind to genes, molecules and math appears to be facilitating new transformations for people creating their own personal consciousness as well as contributing to the growth of world awareness of how we can support each other in a single global village of health and well being.

A more current graph of the psycholinguistic transformations of consciousness integrating the ‘cognitive’ and ‘DNA’ over 100 years illustrates the emerging synthesis that The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics, Consciousness & Health Research seeks to facilitate. We invite the entire social and psychobiological community working on all levels from traditional studies of mind, meditation and culture to modern molecular-genomic research on Personal Consciousness, Meaning, Psychology, Education and Translational Medicine to join us so we may go forward together assessing how cognition and genes interact in the new sciences of epigenetics and psychosocial genomics.

What Do We Seek to Publish?

While at the present time there is a plethora of open access international scientific journals being introduced and published on the internet at a rapid rate, they are primarily specialized in rather narrow academic disciplines ranging from the artistic, cultural, biological, genomic, molecular, psychological and scientific perspectives. They usually present themselves as holistic and integrative of ‘All the Arts and Sciences.’ A careful examination of their contents over time, however, usually reveals they are either strongly biased toward a Top-Down Cultural/Literary, Narrative and ‘Humanistic’ perspective or a Bottoms-Up Molecular/Genomic, Math and ‘Scientific’ perspective. All the papers published in this, our inaugural first issue, however, were selected because they brilliantly illustrate what we believe is a ‘Truly integrative Top-Down and Bottoms-Up Perspective.’ This is well documented by the papers that have some variation of The Four-Stage Psychosocial Genomic Perspective summarized here.

What we very much need are knowledgeable professionals who can contribute basic and introductory papers about the most recent software, methodological and replication techniques for comparing and doing meta-analyses of the vastly expanding scientific literature that attempts to explore the associations between consciousness, cognition and the molecular-genomic underpinning of human experience of art, beauty and truth in general. Our Editorial Board needs some hard-nosed statistical/math experts in Bayesian Subjective Expectancy as well as Traditional Frequency Statistics for assessing microarrays in the context of new consciousness research about their meaning for educating
and enhancing human experience as well as translational medicine.

Of course, not every paper we publish can contribute equally to such a fully integrative Top-Down and Bottoms-Up Perspective. Most humanistic scholars and scientific researchers are, of necessity, specialized in one direction or the other. None-theless we seek to facilitate the joint ideals of accessibility and meaning for all people – all readers and students of The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics, Consciousness & Health Research.

We certainly will accept scholarly and scientific submissions that are specialized in their focus on integrating only a few aspects of The Four-Stage Psychosocial Genomic Perspective summarized above. We would hope, however, that the Abstract, Introduction and Conclusion Sections of every paper we publish would explicitly and transparently orient the reader to the broader implications and significance of their work for the welfare of the general public as well as all scientists in general. This is the idealistic signature that distinguishes the scientific and social mission of The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics, Consciousness & Health Research. Please contact us with your impressions of the spirit of our new journal. Email your comments and original contributions directly to our Founding Editors Mauro Cozzolino at mcozzoli@unisa.it and Ernest Rossi at Ernest@ErnestRossi.Com.

Mauro Cozzolino, Ph. D.
Ernest Rossi, Ph.D.
Giovanna Celia, Ph.D.
Kathryn Rossi, Ph.D.
Founding Editors

Cozzolino M., Rossi E., Celia G., Rossi K. (2014), Celebrating the Psychosocial Genomic Evolution of Psychotherapy, The International Journal of Psychosocial and Cultural Genomics: Health & Consciousness Research, Issue 1, Vol.1, October 2014, p-1-3. [ DOWNLOAD ]