The beautiful image of a psychosocial genomic star map of the snca/sncb twin genes (Pag.15, Fig.6) tries to explain the profound but still unknown
implications for consciousness and health research in optimizing the human condition. A key paper in this issue by Ernest and Kathryn Rossi suggests how such psychosocial genomic star maps could point the way to recovery from stress related problems such as drug addictions, anxiety, anger, depression and psychosomatic issues. They introduce a new set of psychosocial genomic concepts on all levels from mind to experiencedependent gene expression and brain plasticity for creating new consciousness. They illustrate how to map the 4-Stage creative cycle onto the 90-120 minute basic rest-activity cycle to reduce stress and facilitate top performance in work and play. They explore how to use the novelty numinosum-neurogenesis-effect and the self-observer for optimizing memory, learning and integrating the mind. They review new research that documents how during sleep there is 60% more clearing of the brain of toxic metabolites by cerebral spinal fluid. They propose that such of clearing the mind during sleep also occurs during the healing/rest phase of the 90-120 minute basic rest-activity cycle in normal everyday life. They believe that psychosocial genomic research is now urgently needed to identify precisely what implicit processing heuristics can turn on the most efficacious molecular-genomic pathways for optimizing the 4-Stage Creative Cycle of RNA/DNA Transcription/Translation dynamics of brain plasticity and new consciousness for optimizing the human condition. Science and psychotherapy are always growing in new and unexpected ways. Just as we were ready to go to press with this issue we stumbled upon some amazing new experimental research (Morath, et al., 2014) that established how psychotherapy not only relieved the classical psychological symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but also the underlying DNA damage caused by the original stress and trauma! They demonstrated changes at the molecular level (the integrity of DNA) in response to
psychotherapeutic interventions on the mental level. They showed how mind-body communication and healing is really possible! This is the essence of Milton H. Erickson’s living legacy of mind-body therapy that this volume documents.

Best of all they identify a number of new student and professional research projects for optimizing the human condition with their novel psychosocial genomic star maps. We eagerly look forward to publishing new submissions on the theory, research and practice of these innovative concepts by beginners as well as advanced scientific laboratory workers in all areas to celebrate their accomplishments.

Mauro Cozzolino and Giovanna Celia